April – A Time of Angels April Foley arrived from Dublin in a matter of minutes. She alighted the steps of the bus, feeling shaken, rattled and rolled about on the journey to the port. It was 1912. In her left hand she carried a small black leather bag, the sort carried by doctors. On her head, a bottle green velvet cloche hat covered her dark brown hair. Her elegant clothes meant she would be perceived as a rich woman with a purpose. She approached the dock where the RMS Amazon was moored, she was to sail to Southampton for the next part of her voyage.  Showing  her boarding card to the surly attendant, he spoke with a thick Irish accent. No doubt from Belfast and no doubt a shipyard worker who helped to build RMS Titanic. He checked April’s details and waved her on board, she was travelling alone, this she always did. April was intent on making a difference in a different time and dimension. RMS Amazon set sail and would arrive early morning in time for her passengers to

Art the antidote for our times.

In these times of so much uncertainty, pessimism and division art can be the antidote as it calls us to be optimistic and helps us to surface enabling us to breathe. Being optimistic is to look on the bright side, art can lead us into the realms of the imagination, to dream and not be afraid. It can be transformative and help us to enter into the light. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, poet, film-maker, writer, photographer or actor you can help us to find a better path. Appreciate art and you appreciate life.